Living an authentic life

Hello Beautiful,

It has been several weeks since I resigned from my corporate job and I have been busier than ever.  I truly do not know how I did everything before.  I feel like I still do not have the time to finish my to-do-list. 

I took an unexpected trip to Hawaii the week following my last day at work.  What a blast!  This trip just fell into my lap (so to speak).  It is amazing how positive opportunities arise when you are open to them. Of course, it would have been difficult to take my impromptu vacation in my old life. And there would have been a lingering guilty feeling that I was eating up vacations days.  It was nice to feel carefree and just enjoy my time with family and friends.

I have been busy this week editing the magazine.  We have some wonderful contributor so I know it will be fantastic.  I am also building my coaching business.  I feel I am in the perfect place in life to assist others in achieving a life of joy.

Yes, without a doubt this is my authentic life.  I do not know what I was so afraid of.