Hello Beautiful,

The true test that I made the right discussion to resign from my corporate job was the feeling I had this morning when I had to come into work this morning. If I had to describe the feeling I would describe it as feeling artificial or not being my most authentic me.  In my head and heart I have already started down the path of utter self-employment.  Living a life filled with joy and purpose.

Upon arriving to work (!my last week!) I greeted a co-worker with a warm smile asking them how they are doing. In return she said with a scowl “another Monday”.  What a shame that she does not know that we can all live our truth. If this dyslexic girl can do it, so can you. Most of us have dreams and desires but are just too afraid to live them.  We play in safe in hopes to retire as early as we can. But to retire to do what?  What do you imagine your life to be after retirement?  And what if you enjoyed what you do every day and do not want to retire. Retirement to me means leaving something I do want to do.  Why do we live life day after day doing something we do not want to do?

I would love to hear about your dream life.  I would love to discuss with you how obtainable they are for you.  Write me or email me privately to chat.