I did it! I have resigned from my safe corporate job and will be putting all my time and energy in to my business.  I am pursuing my dream because the purpose of life is to experience joy. This is one of the scariest and exciting life discussion that I have ever made.  Believing in myself feels bold and powerful.

It was way too easy to stay in my safe corporate job, but I was living half my dream. Two years ago I started working toward my dreams which includes living a comfortable life, doing want I want, when I want and having what I desire along the way.

In the beginning it was difficult to stop asking for permission. I had spent most my life asking other’s opinions about what is best for me, but now it feels so good to trust myself to make the best discussions in my life. Remember no one other than you knows what is best for you than you.

I opened Yoga Gallery & Wellness 10 months ago, which was a feat in itself. I also launched my digital magazine 10 days ago. Woo hoo! I started this journey by eliminating limiting believes about myself.  This a certainly a on going process.  Life is not a straight line.  I have had many curve balls thrown at me.  I take each curve balls as learning experience.  I truly do.  I know it sounds cliché, but life is all about mindset and turning negative experiences into positive learning moments.  Understanding that these contrasts are absolutely necessary to build you as an individual.  They make you a sturdier, deeper person.  I have also learned that there is no limit of evaluable abundance.  The “pie” just keeps getting bigger.