10 Benefits of Barre Classes

10 Benefits of Barre Classes

1. Challenging on your muscles, kind and gentle on your joints. The small, controlled movements reduce the pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments and spine. Regular Barre classes will improve your core strength and posture.
2. No experience is required. Instructors will guide you through the movements. Each person is challenged at their own level in class without affecting anyone else’s workout experience.
3. Full body, head to toe workout. Your muscles will feel challenged and invigorated.
4. Fatiguing muscles to failure. This is a good thing. The tiny motions of Barre with intentional squeezing and pulsing, isometric moves, forces your muscles to tone.
5. You will receive quick results. Most changes are noticed in as little as a month.
6. Barre can be done at any age or level. Barre exercises can be modified for the beginner, pregnant or even an injury.
7. Increases you flexibility. Barre compliments yoga by improving range-of-motion while increasing flexible and strength.
8. Loss weight and inches. Toning the large muscle groups will burn more calories and raise your resting metabolic rate.
9. You will never get bored. Enjoy the upbeat music and ever-changing choreography.
10. Feeling of well-being. You are sure to leave class feeling wonderful and looking forward to your next class.



I have a confession to make…

So I have been a bit of a two face. I teach and preach self-care, but I don’t always follow my own teachings.  I tend to live my life by a to-do list. I tell myself that tomorrow will be different, but the lists seem to never end. I put such pressure on myself and often times I feel I am sacrificing true happiness for productivity. Being struck by the flu this week has blessed me with seeing the error of my ways. It was left me somewhat helpless and reliant on others to help me in accomplishing some of my day to day tasks. I realized that the world does not come to an end if I take a few days of rest. I was discussing this with my sister yesterday evening.  She reminded me of the inflight instructions to always put your mask on before assisting others with their masks. This holds true in general life as well.

By self-care I don’t mean just physical care and eating right, I also mean emotional self-care. We tend [and by we I mean I tend] to be harsh on ourselves.  We say things to ourselves that we would never say to our child or love one.  We ruminate the same negative message about ourselves over and over.  Often times I play out negative scenarios like “she must think I am incompetent for missing that” or “they did not return my calls so they must be upset with me”.  This week I missed a friend’s son’s birthday party and I found myself waking up at night beating myself up for forgetting about the party.  I must have said to myself 25 times, “I can’t believe you missed the birthday party”. But in truth, my friend seemed to totally understand my missing the party. When we find ourselves having these unproductive, negative conversations in our heads we need to be fully aware of the damage we are doing to ourselves.

While it is good to be productive and accountable, we need to treat ourselves with the same kindness we would treat our child, love one or friend. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Love yourself and don’t feel you need to do all and be all.  It’s okay for that list not to be accomplished and try putting self-care and self-love on your list.  Tell yourself on a daily basis that you are a winner, beautiful person and totally awesome.  Because you are…and so am I.

Sending you kind and loving thoughts,


Don’t believe the stories that other people tell you…

Don’t believe the stories that other people tell you….

What I mean is don’t believe the negative stories that other people have about you, your dreams, your ideas and your future successes. I recently had lunch with a friend who began our conversation with saying “no one can successfully start a business while working full-time”.  Oh yeah, just watch me. These types of comments can cut you deep, especially when your business is quite new.  People don’t mean to be cruel.  At least most people are not trying to be cruel. If they are meaning to be cruel, then it is time to distance yourself from them. Run for the hills baby. Most of the time these comments from friends are more about them feeling like a failure and less about them worrying about whether or not you are going to fail.  There are many reason they feel this way.  One could be that your successes remind them of their own failures or weakness. Not your problem. Another maybe they were more comfortable with the “old” you. The idea that you may change in some way may make them feel a sense of loss. Once again, not your problem.  Yet another reason could be they are fearful that you may get hurt or loss money.  But regardless of whether it comes from a place of envy or compassion, it is not your story, it is their story. I am the boss of me and you are the both of you. Believing other people’s negative comments has killed countless ideas and splendid plans.  Don’t let other people sabotage your brilliance.  Own your own ambition.  The world needs people like you.  Don’t deprive the world of who you are.  Always remember, no one will value you more than you value yourself.  Whatever you can do, or dream you can do.  Begin it NOW.